The daily innumerable resolve

A new year has arrived,new hopes,new resolves are firming ,the past has left behind ,lesson learnt and new strategies devised to fulfill the dreams.

This time a better vision,firm determination and practical approach need to get contentment from output derived,one tends to analyse events,happenings in ones life ,ones habit etc and identifies some lacuna in oneself and feel about some improvement desired on some front and decides to act accordingly but generally at many times much is not learnt and the mistakes are repeated.
first of all it is to be understood that making resolve is easy but preparing a ground before making resolve is of utmost importance.
the ground requested is mental make up ,the psychological,emotional make up /preparation is must,one need not be pinched/provoked by small irritants and further tasks -individual,collective,organisational need to be handled professionally and too much attachment to variables /actors in the task and the tendency of being much frustrated /troubled need to be made more practical.
one make resolve for many reasons keeping in view the circumstances prevailing ,the goals set by one,and to improve the ones internal make up ,but the tendency of making many resolves ,forgetting the resolve made yesterday and making another one today and repeating this sort of cycle shows the lack of understanding ,the basic weakness and to understand that one should progress gradually maling some tangible gains.
the problems facing by one can be many,internal,family,office,friend circle ,depression,lack of sleep .lack of will power,feeling as if not suited to the world etc etc here one need to analyse deeply to get to some root cause ,or to chalk out strategy that first and foremast this one/two selected resolve need to be implemented in full for such long sufficient period that at least it is settled and one basic hurdle is crossed,For example first of all one need to be fully fighting fit ,so one decides to do brisk walk and exercise regularly,if it is done for few years much of the grounds for further enhancement is made.
it is usually more significant that small resolve of daily life helps much beyond its scope as it is said small things are the foundation of bigger  achievements/satisfactions.
the biggest resolve is to make ones daily life smooth by adhering a schedule time table ,one need to come in a position where one is in position to observe self and others impartially than alone some real causes and action can be identified.
the points for input for humans has increased many fold ,the net,the social media,the print media ,the large interactions ,the vast knowledge ,the cut throat competition ,the hype,the fears,the analyse the strategy for future ,all this has casted huge shadow over todays human psyche ,the multi tasking has gone up and the real life is hidden as if buried and the other glittering life on book of face etc is highlighted by one as if it has become the real life.
the food of soul which might be earlier something else has now become the fame,glamour,business etc which is providing more satisfaction to todays human,now there is not much concern for purity of thoughts ,actions.deeds but to remain active , 
on line every time has become more significant ,hoe these changes will impact the human needs which were more dominant earlier ,only time and future can tell it,the distant interaction may be preferred rather than close interaction which has more hassles. 
the loneliness is growing and it is on the growing side,therefore future man may have to be more inclined to be with own oneself.
the resolves of balancing to maintain all the balances in present day life without disturbing internal balances is much more significant and more urgent.

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