The dance of seven veils.

A titillating dance of the seven veils ,where strength and weakness ,desires and opportunities ,achievements perceived segue into the holy God conscious at which level the thought and object become the same ,so that no remorse, passion remains and all dissolve  in him and segue into the beautiful play./dance,the rhythm   ,which surpass/leave no requirement of any analysis.when the concern of time evaporate ,and it becomes meaningless,the mind automatically relaxes  ,the thoughts will lay at rest,the unconscious mind which hardly rest will go in rest leaving the conscious mind free/time less/concern less/divine full/achieving/getting the highest pleasure/anand.
The time and mind are alike,both forms the partnership to destroy the all calm/naturalism of nature and its creation,may the mind leaves its mindful games and the vision of God conscious come’s to surface for rescue of individual/humanity.
One need/humanity need to go in the realm/explore/experiment/achieve the state/make it as where the time is ABSOLUTE and where the time is not relative ,and related to speed ,if one can vibrate with the speed /identify the speed beats on which the time is dancing,the time may be captured to dance at ones will.The earth is rotating,the universe is expanding ,nothing is stable in the universe,as if all fears the secrets may not go out,and one remains the myth/its dominance in mind of some near to it/him.
The fear/trepidation in all objects/its sub-object/the smallest molecule/part get it/let it move/dance in a way ,which has no sequence/rhythm  and the element of confusion/blowing hot and cold/feeling up and down/let down,the morning comes/the mornings comes in regular sequences and one such morning/dawn/desolateness/lighting cause/create some desire to also take few steps in dance,just few steps,again the situation is same.
The each veil is mysterious/it wants to perpetuate its mystery,neither like anyone to see the other angle in it,just go on bending to their desire as they unfold their next steps and gives the charge to next veil,as the body got some changes/the that veil wants to embrace someone else.
The color is different and each veil tries to enthuse one ,if one align self with dancing and changing colors of eternal enigma ,irrelevant noises and cacophony of arguments out to distract one being segued in eternal fleeting moving stairs,at which one  board  happily or by default to reach its final destination,what one catches and grips firmly may allow one to eternally fly with all colors full of changing veils.

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