Introvert and extrovert

The relative weight of being an extrovert and introvert has been viewed and analysed differently,earlier psychologists argued that the difference between extroversion and introversion be recognised as crucial building blocks of ones personality .

it is said/believed that Extroverts are outward-looking ,socialize and plunge into things ,Introverts are inward looking reflective and prefer to observe things rather than plunge into them,
the behaviour model of success were talked about and There was discount [deep]on being introvert ,and was felt that leaders and leadership behaviour had to be extrovert,,a way to unleash power within oneself.
the extroversion with deep sense/foundation of inner strength/[beliefs,value,determination,receptive] etc may have better sense ,and just being extrovert solely may not help,just talking and expressing anything that comes to mind may not be always healthy,at the same time it could not be said that just being introvert means the person is weak or undecisive,
it may be argued that the origion of the traits of introvert and extrovert had their roots in the way one ‘s attitude toward the life or one may find sometime to be introvert and sometime be extrovert.
for a large people it may not be able to decide that to which trait they belong,as sometime they are outspoken and when one ought to express ,the one is silent.
the behaviour of individual during his life may have the element of both the traits,as sometime one chooses this or that.despite that some natural tendencies of personalities also have their relevance further one has preferences for the task ,he feels that he is best suited to perform,therefore it may also be that acording to the circumstances one develops being introvert or extrovert,
it is not that the one who is termed extrovert is too bold and have the healthy attitude toward life,and the other who is termed as introvert is weak or undecisive,just by shouting slogans the decisions are not made,the implication are far reaching to self/others.
the one who talks too much without thinking and the one who talks too less in even the demanding situation could both not be said healthy and may be near to some diseases.

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