Failure may not be failure except…

The failure may not be failure except when one do the same mistake again and again expecting different results.

it is a common tendency that knowingly or unknowingly human tends to repeat the same mistake again and again expecting desired or different results.
the individuals are solely to blame ,as some notions are prevalent in society duly sanctioned by it to be ideally be performed by individuals ,and on not getting the desired outcome ,the blame is again shifted to individual that he did not acted perfectly as enshrined in societies ideals and to blame would be passed on one bad intentions/spirit etc due to which the desired results were not there and the old gospel stories be repeated to take inspiration out of it and act holistically as enshrined in these stories,what a universal lie,all understanding but telling other the reverse.
the one of the biggest cause be that not taking lessons from the earlier actions and their outcomes ,and what more foolish it could be to expect different results from same mistakes.
the some beliefs are so deeply penetrated in human that he may not doubt it at all despite repeated failure ,the one need to open up in this era of informations and develop better understanding of concepts and evaluating its beliefs,
the resistance to change be one of the cause of repeating mistake ,one may be understanding the mistake but the inertia and resistance to change not let one to change the course.

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