The art of relaxing/enjoying

The term relaxing /enjoying is usually misunderstood,in the real sense the daily routine of individual should normally be such that one remains upbeat in his mood and enjoyment be part of ones daily chores and personality.

What usually happens that one on slight accomplishment of some task feels relieved and aspire for enjoyment whereas it may be routine that one task gone and another one raises its urgency ,therefore for enjoyment on slight accomplishment is akin to pampering something not too healthy habits,and may be causing distraction in the task on hold.
that is not to say that holidaying and taking break from usual activities to have fun and frolic with family/friends and relative is not usual.
the breaks should normally be utilized for pursuing ones quest to do something creative,the holidays be made a quality time,as if to allay the usual boredom gathered or to rejuvenate for the next phase.
the feeling of disturbed on slight provocation/and undue weight-age to slight momentary accomplishment is not in line with the sound  concept of better and mature vision.
the event of day consist of many remembrance of liked or not liked behaviour of others,the not understanding of views by other/the wastage of time on petty issues ,and the jokes by other on finer points,that all is part of the days activity,one can strive to put his views without pondering much,and feel relaxed in evening to enjoy the dinner and sleep.
the lacking of interest in daily activity is the big symptom that one is not in harmony with self and others and having the expectation not gaining te ground.
one should be content with ones effort and the minimum accomplishment and planning for betterment with whole heart,rather that being disturbed for ill fated advises and the others perceived views.
the ones self remains with one in all circumstances and it does not start flying in different directions ,the varied direction where one is lost of his natural calm is not desirable.
the concept prevalence of instant gratification is the more to say orig ion of fast materialistic world,the gratification,the solace,the enjoyment should come from the inner self,the enjoyment and relaxation be searched in one interest in which the soul really likes,like pursuing art,reading,writing,travelling in some different destination isle of peace or prosperity.
the home and office of one should also be terned in places by self visulisation of self the places of enjoyment and some moment of deep relaxation
the relaxation may not be in costly items of drinking and eating or going for high profile outing,the relaxing is the state of mind where one have a inbuilt measures to view the events in natural way without much dismay and witch hunting,the relaxation/the qualty of relaxation may not generally linked to the means available to one as it is the state of mind where any one can find relaxation and the one prominent in his stature finding it eluding..
the enjoyment built on the wrong foundation,or to say it may also reflect the ones better approach toward work and world for the real relaxation and the other the big guns in older time tend to relax in artificial and such ways which reflect their hunger of persecution and even giving the message of being almighty for their pupils.

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