No one normal [ever]made history

It is usually said that nobody normal ever made history,the logic of such idiom is not fully digestible ,because it appear that one who had made history has the better understanding of normal/general citizen attitude mentality along with the culture/tradition/limitation of society.

It appears that one who made history was perfectly normal but endowed with intelligence to understand and had vision to see and shape the future.
a person who possesses leadership qualities and impact masses is certainly normal but possesses the extra qualities that may not be so common,further majority of human may possess some sort of abnormality and to define the normality is difficult ,but all abnormal are not contributing much and a cause of concern for the society the will power determination is desirable trait of all normal human being but the one who had made history has more of it.
therefore it appears that a normal person with extra-ordinary qualities ,and sometime finding in whirlpool of confusion prevailing around rises on the occasion and perform some extra ordinary feat making history.
the persons who are not normal and fully acts on whims and arbitrarily also made history by gaining/exercising powers gained with the help of their muscle power and spreading fear.
to define what is normal is difficult ,the normal one could be one who may have many natural tendencies and it could be said that sometime any person rises to the occasion to fill the vacum to make history and alternatively it could be said that the one who made history was normal one but some extra qualities acquired by heridity ,circumstances or environment.
if we ponder on some great leaders of recent past ,we may find that they were fully normal with finer qualities with leadership abilities.
the great acts are performed by many man but all does not found such follower who glorify and immortalise him so that he is registered in history.
the history was made by many mens but they were not got glorified by their followers ,but the one who got his name perpetuated in the memory of present and future generation got the credit.
the nature after its long existence wants to unfold/manifests itself gradually ,that particular/remarkable inventions  and it struck to some brilliant one at that time ,thats the way the nature finds the ways and means by /through some natural person to manifest itself,and such person had natural tendencies to delve into the mysteries of nature for pursuit of their imagination .
the abnormal one can hardly made history worth remembering,a bad page may be there in history books but it depends upon the colors given to his character by future writer which may result in losing the originality.



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