Success is about healthy HABITS

The habits shape the destiny of individual ,its an established fact ,now the most relevant question arises -as to how the habits are formed and who is at default or to be blamed for the formation of habits and how the healthy habits could be inculcated.

prima facia it appears that generally much habits are a result of childhood events and nourishing received during childhood and the unfolding of career at later age ,  the belief/value system and will.
the imperfect harmony between the parents impacts the childs unconscious mind deeply and the scars could be lasting unless the harmony between parents in tenure of childhood is not restored timely and some affection/ care is provided to child.
further the habits of parents is observed by the child and much impact is taken consciously or unconsciously by child.
at the same time the parenting/schooling,care and the guidance provided to child in childhood by teachers/parents/society/customs etc has a lasting impact on the child,which works as foundation of much future habits.
later on the friendship and the higher education undertaken by one impacts much,as it is learning at this stage which impacts the conscious mind and results in formation of  habits ,as much of the values and its relevance is gathered during this phase and the concept,views toward life/society/customs etc are formed here,as one explore much at this stage.,as There aren’t much future concerns evident at this stage,and one also tend to make/take much adventures at this stage.
the entry into job is usually the first interaction of an individual in real world ,such initial phase /experiences counts much in shaping the habits. .
but it is not that HABITS are totally result of circumstances/experiences which has impacted consciously or unconsciously ,but the man is also provided with WISDOM and the man can see his actions/inclinations etc in the light of what is desired ,what is appropriate in the prism of humanity/lawthe huma interacts in the society /family/office and sometime one feel disturbed with another ones habit,the same sometime strucks to one that his habits may also be having impact on others and may be feeling annoyed.
SUCCESS to a large extent is certainly about having healthy habits ,the outcome in the world depends upon the inputs ,same is in the case of individuals,what one acts,desires,behave,believe certainly impacts the success gained by individuals in life.
the persistence on the course selected is necessary to gain success and not to be despaired despite adversities is also reflection of healthy habits of patience ,not being short sighted and planning properly by evaluating all angels i e being open mind ,not to be much impacted by prejudices prevalent around and to explore and see the reality self.
the regularity certainly results in success after time ,one may get angered in short time and and another one evaluates and feels something achieved and moving in right direction.
it is said that there is no impediment that can prevent one to get success but the only impediment is in the mind of one which hampers one development and in one s achieving goals.
it is also said that all desires of one cant be fulfilled ,it is in the way in which one views the performance/results/accomplishment of goals,the one with healthy habits view it wholesomely and see the better and positive part ,the one with lesser healthy habits may not view it like that.

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