WRITING for own survival/maintenance

The writing of articles/poems involves innovative thinking and analysis of issues and views prevalent in  surrounding .,some begin late in the field of writing and some begin too late ,some early  but particularly for one who has begin the writing late in life this start is helpful in self preservation and maintenance ,the issues of one always remains ,the fight for improvement fought so long has /may not yielded much yet ,the writing/repeated writing can provoke the writer to think differently …repeatedly on issues and continous writing may help to upgrade self personality by strengthening some traits .

the human since early age knows much -strives for much but yet not able to be at peace with such issues even so late in life ,the regular expression of self will certainly have impact on self ,that is certain,it may or may not have impact on readers ,but to writer his own regular writing would certainly have impact.
as one starts writing regularly to find out concepts/concerns and views on which a writer may elaborate   with his views.
what one feel ,atleast one can express by writing the same and in the present world ,the opportunity for expressing self has increased and this opportunity is available to all ,Earlier one has to either publish a book or approach print media to publish ones writing but now anyone can write on blog and many other means are available on net by which anyone can put up his writing for viewing the same by whole globe.
the improvement desired /intended is understood by many yet hardly easy to permeate it into self,it is said that to get what one wish ,be it tangible or intangible the repeatation of it helps,therefore the regular writing re-inforces the concepts/views on the writers self ,which may later on,in longer run may reflect positively and may be able to get remove some,/many doubts from own conscience.
the all aspects /features are available in the world but when a soul ponder on his natural surrounding and the situaion prevailing around -the creation emerges ,the readers and writer can get help from good article in removing /subsidizing their issues and outer harshness  
the much troubling/burning issues can melt with the help of good writing and the media,the organiser of such tools on net has a onerous liability to promote the good writing and to ensure that it is read by the maximum possible public ,it will help much ,as the other views also sets in the mind of agitating ones and some new innovative leaders may emerges whose vision may not be limited to some texts only but have a wider understanding.
the creations have no limits as the universe has no limits/boundaries ,the imagination of human also may not have any boundaries ,but to get some values/thought/concepts in mind is not hat easy and may not be easy in future also,it is in this context that the relevance of writing may remain ever and promotion of good writing for better health of society /individuals is paramount.

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