The spread/enhancement of vocabulary

It appears relevant that one should attempt for the growth of self vocabulary whole life,as one knows that learning  never ends and one require at all phases of life to understand newer meaning s of known words /events/matter and adding to vocabulary throughout life helps in exploring the meaning and words that suits to describe self ,other and the situation around.
the many words has a some sort of prevelent meaning but when used in a sentence causes surprisingly different interpretation as if similarity /regularity is illusion,therefore what words to use ,which convey and suits to one s personality and deliever the desired meaning are always in demand ,for which expansion of ones vocabulary helps a lot.
for leaders /managers the conveying of correct message is very important ,and they should avoid/plug gapes in communications -to be successful manager/leader.
the gap in communication sometime may be due to words used and the limitation of vocabulary adds to ones woes .,the wider te gap over words and vopcabulary helps in easing gap of communication and also saving the situation .
particularly when due to some unfortunate reasons ,the matter /people has boiled up and the task of restoring order by managers and leaders require skills in which they had to use appropriate words so that no section feels disfavoured and unheard,And in such circumstances if leader use some provocative words than situation may go out of control.
the words used need to be appropriate to circumstances and appropriate to the desired outcome planned ,the vocabulary of one add to it.
to the writter even a single word and its deep meaning can inspire to write a whole article/poem.
the words strike to one who worship vocabulary and learning ,he use the words which most appropriately describe the events and fill motivation in his colleages/family.
when the words are added with particular voice ,facial expression ,anger than even the mild words gets meaning much beyond.
there is much that one feel on many occasions remains undescribable  for which appropriate words /expressions not easily traced ,as such matter itself shrouds in anonymity ,than what to say,the vast vocabulary of learning,experience,maturity provides such intuition to get much meaning.
the advent of technology and with expansion of human knowledge ,newer words are being invented fast,therefore it becomes very necessary to expand ones vocabulary which in line with the changing times.
some words with the development of time lose their relevance and meaning ,such words need deletion from ones memory.
even the appropriate words need appropriate promotion of self,circumstances,surrounding and fellow friends/subordinate to become effective,therefore the wider vocabulary makes one perfect in selecting words and their perfect delievery to achieve maximum result are of the utmost importance.  

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