Dual personality

The individuals appears to possess many personalities,which they can use at different time suited according to their perceived satisfaction.

it appears that human hardly remains in their original self,may be at family,/office etc.As the general inner concept is to view anything unfolding/individuals approaching with caution.
the important prevelent reason could be that one views oneelf as most intelligent and has some natural tendency to deal other in a way to evaluate them.
the isolation of man in crowd is a result of this sort of mentality ,some humans have become so conscious of their presence and activities that one tend to hardly mix and project something else.
the humans on the net are sharing much and it appears that their personalities has opened for public viewing but it appears that humans are trying to project their other personalities -usually may be of pleasure,contact etc. As if the net has become the marketing tool for individuals ,they are trying to market ‘the self ‘that could explain the phenomenon that despite connectivity humans are facing loneliness
the what is tried to projected on net may sometime not be natural presentation ,it may be ostentation  and the search by humans to find something much consolable is going on since the start of the life on earth and this tendency has got impetus with the invent of net.
the man has become so possessive and want to conceal much ,confuse other and extract something from others ,their game may be balanced between equals but not with the one with weaker personality /simplicity is often torned  by such dual personality monster available everywhere.
the dual personality per se does not appear to be something much wrong,as generally what one speak in public,office,family,friends differs and the inner feeling are also something else .
it is also said that world is a theater and the humans are actors ,who plays their part of play,as such to a extent it could be a natural tendency ,but the hard duality/the much different faces  on occasions could not be appreciated and causes apprehensions.
the projecting of one -the man decides /want that other view him in a particular way ,therefore he develops a particular personality ,which suits/matches his inner and outer world.
thr requirements of present world has increased so much that natural personalities dies/hides and the acquired personality takes over.
the personality is said to be formed by consisting many tangible and intangible traits,physical make up etc.yet the soul of personality becomes manifested or the whole personality to a larger extent take shape by intentions ,the view of one toward other/world/or a particular person.
some variations in personality over time,place,person to person is natural ,the views changes,the circumstances changes ,it is not something which is static,yet the basic approach/tendency hardened over time ,due to gathered and accumulated shocks and blocks justifies the duality.
the duality may also arise from insecurity in the mind of one ,as he is something else but not want others to view such as it may not be appreciated and the level of variance rises,as one tries to project differently at different things as one is not himself sure.
the concept of personality itself appears to have changed much as now humans lives on moments ,interwined with connectivity ,therefore the personality now majorly reflect habits of eating,living,enjoying ,connecting and the personaity which earlier might depicts individuals value based reflection has more become consumer oriented reflection.


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