Emotion-energy in motion

The human interacts externally and internally continuously ,which generate flow of the flow of feelings and when it gets out of their normal range,the generated imput could be termed as EMOTIONS ,now the emotion could be varied-it can be termed sometime as infatuation, a feeling of guilt,despair,sympathy etc but the usual feeling is that one is deeply puzzled and the usual state of control seems lost.

The emotions in itself a feeling strong,which after a time,if they are not subsidies could result in one either losing the ones normal sense and in other case it can lead to extreme steps of revenge and external actions which may effect the well being of one. 
the impulses are generated,the mind notes the small events in day to day life,the one who lacks in self goals,the one who does not know what to do,just flowing in the tide of life with all fears of survival and the stored images of disruption reacts to event unfolding in harsh way,could not bear the perceived  setback and fall in dump of emotions.
the finer being having finer values ,falls in artistic emotion,which sometime he may need for his enhancement,the energy flowing inside generated by visualising internal or external impulse need to be checked,the programming need change,the habit of taking much extra need to be shelved.
the attention flows toward humans,place,ancestors,history,society and a trigger may be enough to generate the emotions,the triggers can be natural or artificial some are in the business of raising emotion for selling their film,brand,expanding their cult.
the base ground of inner self should be smooth so that the uneven bounce to a stimuli could be avoided,the liking ,the passion all are important,but a perceived notion about something which fixes the mind may not be in order and may need moderation .

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