The tendency /THE KARMA/the chemical combination /flow

Many concepts regarding life are floating in society ,which tend to define the path and attempts to regulate the activities of human ,it further instill  fear of gaining negative points,if path not adhered and if scoring finer points than they would be en cashed in current or next life.

The humans are imparted formal education and also learns much from informal education gained at home , society inhaled through all means of communications ,often termed as attitude gained from environment.
but despite all learning,it sometime appears that human activities are more governed by their natural tendencies and the chemical flow from brain which is a biological process and hardly could be regulated or controlled by individuals.
one finds that highly educated man is so short tempered /biased and some illiterate  may posses much finer human traits.
therefore the score of human performance in life[which according to concepts prevailing in different part of globe sticks to individual to determine the fate on earth or at heaven or at reappearance on earth]depends much on the chemical composition provided in brain by unknown and its flow,which forms regular tendencies,irregular tendencies/expected tendencies/unexpected tendencies.
the animal fully flows in the natural tendencies,the animal also may differ in their tendencies according to their chemical composition provided in their brain and its flow,the humans have the capacity to judge things/actionwhich may depends on momentary impulse and mindset of individual which is formed by the education and the environment prevailing around one,depends all this ,in uneven circumstances human tends to fully behave according to their natural tendencies ,the basic natural tendencies consist/formed by the chemical composition of brain and its flow manifests so often that scoring the score for next life /this life and heavens much depends on it.
therefore all maneuverability/ability available to individual may sometime be so limited that the relevance  of SCORE THEORY/KARMA THEORY loses its authenticity.
the logic which may have scientific value that one by determination /willpower or with slow practice may gain some power to regulate the flow,but consider when the basic orignal quantity of chemical stored in brain is so large that one may control much but usually some undesirable chemical leaks and mixes .
so as to say when all finer thoughts/finer events ,the rising beautiful sun,the dawn all alongwith some zeal are accompanied by hidden depression/haziness of soul and with slept/buried anxieties which tends to awake at their whims ,the targets of gaining scores /KARMAfor upliftment  of life loses its relevance and significance.
the equal culprit are chemical composition which impedes the scores or the theories of scores appears to be vaguely founded ,or are beyond understanding its accounting ,measurement and compounding.

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