The dream gradually losing steam

A nation with the of the oldest history, yet not defined as a single mass of humanity,where the language use to change just at a distance of few kilometers,as if there is no world beyond it and started to excel by the dominant classes at the expense of other groups.
the glory of community scattered in isolated mass was was shattered by the invasions,they lost,but hardly learnt,the principle of basic fabric to make its culture robust,was conquered by many,at long after the time came ,when a single nation was formed with the high ideals of socialism,but all failed,the population not stabilised,the human parameters at the lowest,the slow and uneven growth,the corruption,the vision remains limited to the family welfare only,
the ideals of democracy was installed,but the caste,creed weigh more on the voter ,than the development or the issues of corruption and governance. further the illetearte voters with abject poverty of all sort,nothing happened and as if much is lost beyond easy repair.
some enlightened mass of humanity gathered and formed a nation with the aim of creating value for self and the world,to become the engine for growth and stability of world and later on the task of creating a world with even standard /understanding also become relevant with a consensus that otherwise a OASIS may be in danger.

the spirit seems waning as the infection from other parts of world starts infecting them also ,the isolation not feasible,it is like that either other follow you or you follow them.
the concerns may be rising ,how to avoid the aliens object affecting the originality ,which to their best efforts could not submerge in their pool and retained their aliens identity and started threatening their basic structure.
the dreams were/are built on many upheavals/rising in which some so called monstress were displaced but euphoria seem not able to last long ,the bright newer dispension seems hardly emerging ,the dream such appears diminishing as if asking to explore/search in dreams or the theater or fiction book.
the journey of confusion/suspicion/apathy relevant since inception of humanity is yet dormant the dream of allowing higher opening to new born is not much fulfilled and yet going to baba’s ,drugs, traversing globe to find some solace and find some valid ingredients to build dream for self.
it appears that there is a fight between DREAMS ,some old and buried dreams wants their revival and question the relevance of other dreams and as human prone addiction -not able to choose the correct one.
the man choose many dreams during its life time -the child has childish dreams and the adult dreams adult,the pursuance of dreams consume much life,and some are realised,some unrealised ,and man also sometime finds that some dreams were selected vague.,the dreams of individual at some stage starts losing its steam and many wants to store the results of wider path traversed and ponder.
in the world everything has a cycle ,the dreams are dreamt ,some realised ,some left half way and those dreams vanishes,than it is not always that a new powerful dream emerges immediately which motivates large mass of humanity and built hope for masses,than the older /buried dreams emerges and say that you have seen the fate of irrelevant dreams ,now come return to us,as we are eternal.
the dreams disintegrates, the geographies may disintegrates and when all dreams of newer hope are gone,than the real action on ground may start of reality,the hard reality depicting the basic nature of humans ,as if the dreams may return to the basis.
it may be that presently dreams are losing steam and sooner or later the whole structure of them collapsed under their weight and some newer dream may rise ,which may not be so inclusive and founded on same innovative foundation and allowing the mass participation.
it looks that a global forum be set to conceive and regulate a better and modified dreams ,so that to avoid the catastrophic dreams turning into reality

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