aggression plus feminism/ feminism plus aggression

the clipping of newspapers beyond boundaries are beyond acceptance,the history and the natural tendency which has led  to feel safe and secure in others hands is slow poison when one is fully competent to protect ones interest, there is no need to remain in the subservience of other gender,the need to assert and claim the due status,the sheer desire to attract other one and with the thought of …,the reality is that the other does not appear to view as human,the priced gain,out of some war fought on ground of real earth or the mind,the soul, yet the reality is that to be divine in the hands of criminals/exploiter ,who pretend else,yet remain most primitive and wants to as if release their diabolic desire in some garb  / thoughts is not in the interest of society,the secondary  role,which might has been acceded out of love and some natural tendency to ensure the natural peace/calm and beauty has not helped,the other one,the motive of captivity,the winning of ugly war,the tendency has remained so,the individual gain,the individual winning of war in personal life as if to depict the winning of war in field need to be altered,
the history is gone,so need its scares to melt and go,the economy has expanded and the all activity can be monitered from the room,the economy has terned soft,the services,the information and communication technologies,the earlier hard /harsness of survival has gone,the assertion of ones right is needed by all deprived one,the traditional roles has changed,the entity where other feeling one dominant wishes to release and satisfy some jungle instinct need to be dealt with iron hand,they are the same,who want to shape/dominate all others at any pretext/the psychology of beauty could have other angles also,its not that only beauty of particular class/gender be termed as offensive or talked and publicised for monetary and other mental pain and pleasure,

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