Perpetuating the biases

1.sometimes biases are created deliberately,sometime inadvertently, the ruling class,the politician,the person in power with aim to perpetuate their power/dominance tends to divide the general folk,and in the name of extinguishing earlier biases many times promote them,creates newer ones.

2.the humans since start are concerned about survival and to ensures ones survival,the principle of equity/equality and human rights takes back seat.
3.the societies/leaders who have understood the fact that untill all pockets of humanity progress ,their own progress will be in danger,and have allowed integration of individual/groups in the mainstream,and allowed melting of biases prevailing since long.
4. at individual level sometime some stigma attaches to one at family,society level or in organisation or work place,the impression /perception may not be reflecting the true reality,yet again and again by chance or by deliberate effort of others the biases perpetuates -suppose for example Mr Ais termed as weak manager ,had made some mistakes long back and slight other mistakes made later on,the stigma is attached to him.
on the contrary siome other persons might have committed larger mistakes yet they are not termed as such,it is certainly not a fair treatment /attitude but it appears that reasons could be like-one is weak in communication to project self-is a major bias strengthening or weakening cause,further sometime some with malafide intent promote the bias so that they can get promotions/rise in salary/can enjoy more powers etc
sometime the lack of ability to mix in a coterie allows that formation to perpetuate the biases ,as that coterie want to grasp all powers through the use of formal or informal use of channels ,so that its member enjoys dominant positions ,and are also unchallenged
the individuals differs,the virtues sometime may allow to form biases,as one is nice,straight forward and usually not indulge in gossips /leg pulling games etc,it appears that even such individuals need to be perfect in communications so as to thwart the effort of some to perpetuate biases failing which time to time misconceptions emerges..
the crooked,the one who lacks in knowledge,perfection,guts to directly ethically challenges other tends to indulge in perpetuating the biases to maintain his position.
in some societies a large segment of people in the name of caste ,creed,colour ,which may have some distorted /vitiated history are seen in a mold prevailing since long.,the biases are perpetuated .,the self interest of some segments is served,but they fail to understand that without inclusion of all and contribution of all ,the real progress may not happen.
further it is naive to believe that the segments of people in society against whom bias is prevailing for long may not be revolting ,sabotaging the things which may cause huge harm  to overall welfare of society.
the long prevailing biases may create a negative tendency,and they may start viewing the other segments/countries/group as their enemy and indulge in all activity to air their resent.
the biases may sometime be based on some real issues,but the question here arises ,why the leadership of such gloom has been promoted and no efforts made to promote better aspects ,here come the apathy,greed and self interest,therefore other part of society closes its eyes to the facts and allow the thing to prevail,even more strengthens ,as the aim of passing ones own time gains supreme urgency.
sometime the biases becomes hard to die ,and sometime the long pending biases causes huge upheavals and huge cost is to be borned by all ,then the biases starts melting but it depends on many factors whether they may melt fully or not ,the crooks are adapt in again strengthening the biases plus the strategic importance and the view that status -quo may lead to achieve the aim of more urgent task
it appears from above discussion that to melt the biases fast and substantially ,the effected one of biases need to make determined and co-ordinated efforts and with zeal to fight back the bias and/or the society at large understands that such biases are impeding the overall development of all and to get rid from it is the need of hour.
the somewhat reality cannot be the cause of biases ,one has to look it at with right perceptive -the supression for long,the lack of opportunities for long ,the poor education for long,the deep rooted concept prevailing for long etc are the causes of backwardness,it may be historical reasons/circumstances,may have been added by geographical factors and it may also be fact that they had become pawn in the hand of aggressors /colonial powers ,who had also ruined the chances of recovery ,and now when it appears that early investment in terms of money /manpower/planning/strategy is needed to root out the biases of that part,the will lacks as the part they/one represent may itself appear to be in the need of easing of resources to pull over its sluggishness,as if with belief that some dark holes are prevailing in the universe since start and the same like -some dark holes in human society/individuals can exists without shaking them,the time to come will be real test,if all are included ,the problem/challenges of humanity could be faced unitedly and otherwise all and one may be left to fend for self.

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