TO  be relevant to audience may be difficult,what one is sharing is relevant to the targeted group because just a topic is relevant to someone doesn’t mean that anything said on it becomes relevant .and achieving real relevance is tougher job.

some of the other principle can be termed as absolute ,foe example say to speak truth,be honest etc but the relevance could be different to different peoples therefore offering something that is relevant requires to really understand the people to whom you are conveying.
the skills required while interacting to the larger group is different to be relevant than while communicating through personal basis,therefore one has to share differently to a group nopf people than from conversation to conversation basis.

to combat these barriers and get the winning formula may be to find ways to be personally relevant to people around one
to explore relevance one need to cultivate conscious listening and finding relevance on focusing on similarities further to explore relevance one need to consider how it is perceived by others.
one need dedication in active listening and by paying attention to larger events to find the right place of relence for ones.
after building some understanding of situation and perception around one offering a meaning ful view is required ,the importance of right content for communication is of highest priority,the impression that one is saying the same thing that countless people has said and offering same without considered point of view creates no creates relevance if it provide fodder to them to think in some new way on issues.
if the principal of context effect is not given due weigh than the relevance of message /deed is lost,as in the absence of information our minds are hardwired to fill in the required context in order to find meaning and get relevance .
while conveying to people it should be kept in mind that what is suggestive and what informations are deliberately avoided or skewed and what meanings could be derived by targeted group by refering it to their imaginary context and finding different meaning and if it could add the creativity of audiences to find the relevance in different ways could enhance ones approval.

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