there was a time millions of year ago ,when everything in this universe -from the largestr galaxy to smallest atom -existed together inside a potentiality that was smaller than the smallest atom.it was only a potentiality and it was the event of big bang and the energy and matter all were created in that instance -that instant happening created the cycle of universe -from that moment onwards ,the tiny potentiality expanded in a flash of energy that is expanding to this date .

if within next ten years if all school going students could be provided a tablet as the basic means of education and they enjoy the connectivity since start ,this potentiality can have huge potentiality in human/social science sphere that can unite /bind the world and may create a uniform world wide generation that could make the global a better villiage.
potentiality is being explored by infusing printed cash into the economy at whims without any matching increase in output may also one day open the flood gate of potentiality at either side,the humans has the tendency and feeling to be wayward with the knowingly/believing that they have the potential to turn to usual path at instant and waywardness will be healthy can even lead to opening the gate of other potentiality,let have the hope to see where the potentiality leads…

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