Forming of personality

Basically it appears that human’s personality starts evolving since his birth[may be prior to]but usually it take some concrete and lasting shape when one grows adult.
humans all of a sudden appears in the world and he finds consciously or unconsciously that to survive he has to smile and cry to grab attention of his mentor or parents,a child since his birth starts taking cognizance of  environment prevailing around him,which meets his much of physical needs and a concern for stability and continuity.
The events at early childhood gets crystallize  in deep unconscious state and as the journey advance the concerns impact the state of conscious in the way of level of confidence ,the tranquility these marks carries a lot weight and as one attain the age of adolescence the counter force tries to form other view and try to mitigate the concerns by developing other models grabing  it from outside world,own thinking process .
therefore a basic structure of personality usually gets evolved at the age of adolescence and usually average human may not find easy to rise above it but the one who struggle a lot,devoid of much support in sense of assured perceived security and with education and hard work of experience one learns lot and develop a new confidence which could be termed as street smart intelligence and confidence.
sometime one develops a lot of vision to tackle the discords prevailing around and the vision to get the targets right which may give one huge dividends but the deep inside one is alone,insecure wanting in confidence and not finding easy ti immerse in the usual form of groups and their discussions.
sometime one get a fair idea of the strength and weakness of ones personality due to which he becomes able to conceal a lot about oneself from others but one get filled with sometime deep depression and explode to reveal the hidden ugly side.
sometime one finds that he is too dependent on others co-operation to evade the negativeness of ones personality but feels that others do not understand nor co-operate and the grueling continues.
the personality formation may never end if one is concerned/vigilant about self and always at the efforts to mitigate the concerns,improve the things,in touch with the current world and analysing the differences,late but not too late may also be relevant.

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