Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is basically self mastery but in wider term it is said that -the ability to identify ,asses and control the emotion of oneself,of others and of group.

one may be able to shape the emotions of surrounding that the work is executed and the obstacle in the way are removed,the individual while deciding any course of action or executing something is influenced by the environment and the response to situation depends a lot on the internal making of one  who learn to rise above the past debris and can understand the diverse forces influencing the situation.the well being of individual depends much on the way the things are taken ,the deeper the things are taken they reduce our commitment and the unified response which is in tune with the outer event that can led one to enjoy the play without putting apathy on the mental make up.
the results varies,and sometime it may be a long walk,but the intelligence that can see the finer points in each situationcould save the basic tranquility of one .
the events are to be seen independent of their occurrence and it makes no matter to digging the root of to finding the causes , as the institutional framework is more responsible for shaping the destiny of society and when one individual takes this mental on his head ,it can ruin one as one lack the force to cause a wider impact and secondly the individual needs and survival alone takes away much of the time and all average human being are better of to enjoy the events of life by adding humor to ones life and in the daily events .to spread a cause with untelligence is another viable alternative ,the technical evolution that has provided many opportunities to individuals to make their efforts to make louder the voice of sanity and change heard.
the lack of emotions and not understanding the emotions of other could cause a trouble in ones business and individual life and one need to live with it by understanding the vulnerability of others,some has shaped their responses and expected responses that lies deep in them and again and again trying vainly to alter it without the adequate stimuli at individual level is a waste.
our reactions toward oneself and others as day progress ,our reaction to our thoughts ,one is bound to open eyes and watch the world and interact with others and self,with a view to expand oneself in material and other world so as to keep the space increasing ,so that the survival goes on,like the nations growth plan and the strategies to counter other nations to keep the influence ever expanding.but the voidness  surface at individual level,
emotions have their play in decisions,be it a individual decision or it be a national or international decision,the human of today is better equipped by way of information and advanced formal education ,the thorns may lie ,the decision with maturity and foresight can change for the betterment.
sometime the decisions may not be fully secure on the logical grounds as it need to analyse the targeted groups mentality and emotions so that they are shaped in a way that they do not hurt their emotions immediately and opens the door for wider view simultaneously.

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