it denotes that one is usually and most predominantly disposed of to think or see a thing in a familiar way and few venture out to see that strange could sometime be more familiar it signifies as it is usual human tendency of complacency ,one usually does not like to see uncomfortable is accustomed to form opinion on the basis of acquaintance’s connection and the surrounding aids or to say the general perception created by environment.

but such thing cause great damage,due to it what happens that individual,group,society or country forms notion and pamper that notion at the great perils ,and the other fact or the better option or more desirable way is left,sometime what happens that identity of something deeply rooted in sub conscious due to older perception or disliking of particular part or lesser puplicity/lesser manipulation of ones part ,his concerns/views are ignored in favor of strange familiar.
in philosophical terms we see and think as hens laying egg but few consider that an hen is only eggs way of making another egg,that to say ordinary man see the event and some see as a part of genral/greater design.
the another interpretation could be that strange can remain similar for long and even in ones lifetime one can pass whole life in this illusion and some has the courage to see the other side of coin which sometime leads in making the fimiliar strange without causing vacum in the way of smooth adoption of strange familiar.
to see the other part is of much significance,even it may be that one has succeeded ,but when one analyse one finds that it was by a slender margin or by chance,the other side seen to be seen.
the finer point exists in all circumstances,events and situation,the same need to be looked,so that ones analytical power may grow up and may see the things in broader way.
the crux lies in understanding that the familiar need to made really familiar by understanding the core of other and the some common points and interest be able to dominate to make the familiar really familiar ,and now the technology has made it possible to explore the wider range ,yet it hurts some time one when one founds that the one is too strange to his own self,repeatedly plunging into chaos is generally the result of lack of understanding one instincts ,one need to be familiar to self abilities and the weakness ,and to get develop the harmony with the external environment.
the strangeness is strange at the very conceptual level ,because it is more important to reduce ones own strangeness with self,one can deceive other but not the self,which cant be deceived. the internal one want the recognition of self and from outer world,now it is on the conscious self to identify the ares where one could excel.
selecting and choosing is the basic of ones basic structure and if the very basic is weak and the one is not able to choose  and select a path for self than the haze is built around one and the way to get out becomes hard to identify.

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