Organisational behavior and organised behavior

A organisation is consciously created for usually some economic activity,to fulfill some objects,to perform to grow to achieve some heights,and the management tries to create the organisation which is most suitable to achieving the mission envisaged at the time of formation of it .the individual,the groups and structures within the organisation impact the performance and satisfaction of its customer,thereby impacting the performance of organisation at large.

The employees need to be motivated,and a culture of innovation ,understanding  is to be created and the gap in communication need to be wiped and it need to check that even far flung and isolated unit of organisation is replete with the culture of the organisation.from time to time it need to be studied and the measure for improving the individuals behavior is to be taken so that the culture of organisation is maintained,
the behavior is entirely not unpredictable,it is based on make up of individuals,the impact of the culture and the circumstances at the particular momentbbut the proper control of manager in the structure is must so that some individual may not be able to exploit the sentiment of other employee and take advantage of herd mentality of individuals employee,the deviant behaviour need to be modified after studying the structure of employees,the systems,and the expected level of disposition that is required to better the performance for which necessary stimuli need to be introduced for individuals or for groups.
organised behaviour may br term relevant in society where some leaders tries to carve out a new or separate group of follower with belief to achieve the aims of their thinking either to achieve political capital or or to introduce some reforms in the society or to ensure strict compliace of earlier beliefs and norms.
players involved in modifying organised behaviour have many tools in hand and along with it they can lean upon the belief of centuries with the promise of curing incurable,providing devine enlightenment,as such it appears that the aim in shaping organised behaviour is comples it may vary and it could be hidden ,selfish with intention best known to implementor and none,here the aim could be to enforce ones belief by making them sacrosanct .

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