Neither could fight nor escape

 When one is in command of self and nervous system is directed by regular will ,but when no path is chosen and one reacts momentarily and when one become addict to substance to avoid such un es capable situation .

Acceptance is one way in typical situation ,feeling of helplessness arrives when one cant take the decision or the situation is such that all action are fraught with consequences or the past repeated action has led to pondering whether to invite the repetition of earlier experiences.
usually in given circumstances human being is dependent on these two actions i e either to fight or to run away in any given situation/circumstances,and one finds under extreme pain since one do not have pre-programmed response apart from these two.such situation cause damage to our body and soul and the survival instinct are crushed,when it appear that both these options are likely to worsen existing situationno amount of thinking or talking bringing any solution,without any escape as the has autonomous nervous system in his hand reacting according to our basic personality and assessment of situation and when one decide to fight,the body response by extra producing of certain hormones,it is on and one has to decide keeping in view what price one is ready to pay, 

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