Loneliness despite connectivity

A desperate man act in a desperate manner as the person felt alienated and for the person lonely any trigger could make them to act in unrealistic way,the dangerous disconnect from society.

When one start living in a world which has hardly related to reality and a creation of isolation and based on thoughts nourished in deep pondering in a cell without the interactive inclusion of real world,but one may consider that it include the reality as lot of time spent on net and information channel,but in reality it is the dangerous disconnect from society and the boredom that sets in ,the desperation that sets in.
The association with virtual world creates a illusion of unreal perfection and when real life challenges -heartbrake,insecurity ,ruckus ,selfishness is faced one is illequipped to deal with it.
lonliness effects everything,ones taste,ones decision,initiatives and relation etcand when it persists for long time one fails to connect with real surrounding.
in todays time one hardly finds someone to share intellectual sharing of ones vulnerabilitiesas sharing is much significance in breaking the facade of lonliness,as the deel lying impulse and the boredom needs release ,the deep depression of inside needs to be shattered outside by expressing it openly and some real content from outside need to be inserted in.
the 24 hour connectivity has not helped much in avoiding lonliness unless used properly,each is having a story peculiar to tell which one assume that alone he has faced,and nobody has time to connect in real sense to the real world and apart from connectivity lot of toxic elements claiming to helping in connecting with self are available and more and more people are taking recourse to them furthering isolation.

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