Thought process

All at some moment ponder-how the thoughts are generated and despite all wishful desire and effort one is tempted to flow in its flow.there is much talk about meditation which appears to be presented as a tool of controlling thoughts and to restore better balance of one with self.

it appears that thoughts of one is reflection of ones being and the quality and its randomness etc is governed by the very basic personality and value system and the level of perseverance of one.
to a weak man thoughts lead him to the direction of worry and confusion and in a motivated man they don’t flow in  territory of destruction at least.
the crux of matter appears that to control the wayward inner thought process one need to cultivate strong belief with leaving all confusion and believing in what one does .
usually no sanctity is adhered unless backed by fear nor there is sufficient link between cause and effect,,in todays digital world ,even the most distant and tenous link to individual provocation is sufficient to turn large groups or individual to act in a senseless ways,
the adaption of ones to the world leads to avoiding distraction of thoughts,a reasonable man adapts to the world ,the one with some unreasonableness tries to adapt the world to himself ,the conventional wisdom and acknoledging the history allows one to calm down to a much.
some profess crash courses to turn the flow of thoughts ,basically thoughts are reflection of ones make up added with circumstances in which one is in present.

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