The history to be yet evolved–

The history of civilization and life traces its root from million/billion of years,yet it is very clear the industrial revolution and the growth of science which has changed the communication,education are hardly developed in last 150 years.

the real human history appears to be making now and it lacks the depth and it is of recent making,not a long history therefore the further 200 years could be very crucial in determining that whether human getting the god particle/power but the mentality of monkey with preserving its roots of shallow origin could survive.
the history of faith claimed to be old by million of years and claim to be not needing any authentication .
the real history of human does not exists and it is now in making,it requires that globe be made villiage but the deep rooted biases may kill the one who believes in human genuine making ,the power may shift in the hands of one who may not like to take the human future in the ultimate direction of the technological era,but would like to use the technology to be used to achieve the purposes left by their ancestor lying in the calender.

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