My will

The  will of individual ,the constant flow of command in life,not disturbed by sporadic events ,and exhibited in all circumstances so as to say the base minimum that is required /carried in all phases.

My will born with the birth of a man and as he grows and feels/faces the time ,the scars shape the will,the early circumstances has a lasting impact ,it can load one with the memory of uphill task in life or it can portray it as a raining experience.
The weak erratic will take refuge in history ,to find a excuse or a justification here and there,the toxic ,the appliance of various gadgets to add flavour to ones life,thereby eliminating the negativity of weak erratic thought process.
the will lies strong in all events but a soldier on battle field without any defect,the defects are huge and the large population suffers from disease ,illness and disability,every one want to dance in rain and sing in but the layers of filth has covered the spirit thereby unabling it to see the true colours.
the irrelevant discourse is the cause of much disdain,the human senses hear and feel whats lies around one ,but the mindset/will that determine the impact of these imponderable upon the human being,the fragility of human life needs to be immersed in ones will to have a reasonable expectation from the events/circumstances and the inner flying up never halts,the matters occurs ,one cant always dictate the events/others reaction/thinking etc.
the better understanding and the habit of keeping things in abeyance,as there is generally a proper time when the one can shape or repulse without being worried.
the will should also have the will to face the eventuality,but fear should not be the part of ones suffering,the mere will can shape much automatically and rest could be shaped by applying the will.

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