Addiction in higgs boson .

The life in itself is usually evolved ,developed on the gum of some things which could in some parlance be termed as addiction.

one is at home and nothing much concrete to do,than the mind tries to divert the attention to somewhere either in eating or drinking again and again.there is talk of discovering the god particle ,the hogs boson,which appears to be nothing more than a very common thing,there are particle of all sort ,now for some gainful association and activity one need the will ,that flows through this particle and enliven them to perform in some active form that appears to have discovered now by science,further it would not be surprised later on that we find that there is lot of activity in passiveness, and learn that mass was performing without the help of hoggs boson.
the will as evolved at that moment moves is mass through this god particle to make the matter unite to form certain sort of activity,termed by us as evolution.

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