There appears to be a prism between one and true reality,our mind and its thoughts assume reality accordingly,the biggest wonder /reality is that within the domestic exists the universal ,within confinement lives the limitless/and within illusion remains the truth and one need to dive into the depth of the ocean of forms hoping to gain the perfect pearl of formless,and accepting reality doesnot mean one condone what’s wrong,and it is also said that do not run up stairs ,and do not run down people.

The criticize or condemning others could effect the working of heart if it is said by heart .and people tend to judge or condemn other people and when things do not come out as per our expectation one become impatient and critical ,and added by feeling of helplessness -the instinct is to fight back or sulk,rather than analyse and accept the reality of moment and to devise new strategies.
one try to force circumstances and life to conforms to ones belief without the eyes and ears on the ground and start accusing self and others ,leading to unhappiness and and frustration -our unreal belief are the cause of much ,most happy marriages are those where the couple choose to focus on good and accept the negative without condemnation ,once the balm of acceptance works its magic,it helps find unique solution to problems .accept it as one cant change all,and neither need lies to go for it,the choices are many and sometime time is short and fronts are many,,one may try to distance from the negative emotions and ponder how one can make things better for oneself,denial may immobilize you and the acceptance helps you move ahead ,acceptance is not always weakness ,nor does it mean one has given up all hope of thing getting better,and one can start responding and helping ,rather than reacting and castigating.
the reality is the thing that is really present at the moment ,it may not be the ideal,changes in some traditions which have been nutured for centuries is often not easy and it is feasible only when it is dealt on all the fronts,which usually does not happen, 

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