ITS OFTEN THAT WE IDENTIFY PEOPLE AS WISE WHEN THEIR ACTION ENABLE THEM TO LIVE A FULFILLING AND ENJOYING LIFE,its usually matter of interest to know how wise people have faced challenges as they are looked as role model ,we try to figure out what it is exactly that the wise people has achieved and how one could do so as well.

we know many thing ,some by virtue of being a living being,by studying the books obtaining the degrees,doing official or personal research,the knowledge is also more easily available as the internet store the vast knowledge,yet their is hardly any order in the world and it appears much is deteriorating ,the civilisation and cultures which has excelled to dismay appears to be dying and may face gradual erosion and the culture and civilisation which were rotten appears to be getting worse.
the reason is to simple that wisdom is not all pervasive at all,the knowledge of ancient belief and the newer finding all available but wisdom is lacking to choose the path which could take humanity forward as the system of mans body made by god or the systems made by men all are prone to short sighted vision,
the individual wisdom helps one to achieve the life basic purpose of living happy as it allows to take setbacks in its true value and the achievements if any really are also to be taken in true or near to normal interpretation.

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