The story

The story of individual is no different to that which is of the others,we suffer,we feel abandoned,we feel sorrow but the point to ponder is after all who can make us so helpless and why one should bother for others too much,one need to view the success and failures from his angles not what others view that need not to be viewed with any concerns.

the story is similar ,one get success and failures,a fair mix of both all in life ,the only difference is that the bet placed by one is a big one and the bet placed by other is a small one,but all get fair amount of success and failures.
the story is same but the bets are different and so the impac of the results differs ,the man is so isolated despite surrounded by armies and so secure with a single help.the story of childhood care,the early vision,the weak foundation are all similar  but the moment one wakes and start enjoying the events outside the gates of vision are opened.the story ends as the same is born and expanded,the concern for doing good as per some texture for next life is foolish,it hardly has any meaning yet many believe so,they do not see the history ,the defeats in the hand of fools and the fact that no one has come to rescue of anybody,despite their promises.
the story evolves for viewer and the character is different ,the viewer mainly come for pleasure and the character dwell in it but the feeling that this story is being watched by others and they have the major stake in it,that views kills one life,one live for self,for the most petty things to be experienced,and the genuine concern could be to avoid one own feeling of distress .

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