Earth to grow

One day the technology would need to be developed to earth itself make grow ,as the human needs growth not saturation,every thing need to grow be it population, food grain,buildings,metals,energy,oil.,but sometime it looks odd as the earth cant grow, how far the buildings can expand,the metals,oil,water,food etc may have limit and despite humans greed to grow the earth may start wilting.

the human aim to grow all water,food in labs of small size for the need of not only earth but nearby planets,it may be too exciting in future when human may build fields,labs at zero gravitational area in outer space and will start transporting ice and precious metal from neighboring cousins of earth.
the growth may be soft in future which may not be measurable in physical items but ipr,chips,and the holy grails stored,today also same is attempted but with the temptation to show physical expansion in building,muscle power by indulging in other affairs which one fails to properly understand and the greed to be regarded as being super power later on the real super power may have magic buttons to induce desired changes sitting at comfort without consideration of recognition,\
presently humans are more concerned in exploring the hills,river,desert for which one want the maximum land mass but later on the human eye side will rise to explore and enjoy the happening far beyond and the real experience being visible at his place in his heart.
the growth today has come on highly and is reflected in large well being of humans despite a large part deprived,not want to participate in growth,the leadership has faltered,the historical burden huge ,yet the gaps will meet ,and from there one may be headed for destruction or unearthing the holy grail who knows,there are reports that newer stars are developing their solar system,the next generation would reside at which place or again the development from primitive stage would begin .
all prediction has failed,nothing strange may not happen in ones life as who knows of next life.

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