Creative-to be

To understand the creative process is mysterious amd often termed unreliable as even the most creative person may not find it easy to explain the phenomenon,but their are some who believes that creativity can be studied and understood ,can be nurtured and cultivated as one has a button to push to start the creativity flowing in.some traits are attributed to creativity and certain habits and styles and a dear view of surrounding may help.

one may want to be creative individually or collectively in groups ,but one need to understand that there is no single thing called creativity ,instead a variety of different processes ,each of which one need to know,understand and activate,
it is that too focused and serios person may lack the basic that stimulate creativity,and one need to interact with pleasure with different view holder ,need not be tense and the feeling that time is limited and one is losing the battle,such thoughts and approach has no meaning,it is not that a task has been assigned on us to deliver for self and other in particular time phase,the future may view achievers in different way,as earlier it was mere glorification which made hero,now it is said that all tweets are stored and who knows after a century the computer of that time picks up a earlier tweet to be excellent ,thinking and enjoying like a child may be useful in enjoying and wondering things of their rationale,the problem if not solving it may not cause harm to leave it there and go for outing,travelling and getting tired and sleepy and than pondering on some mischief and wondering for better sleep,and to pretend that one is far away from problem as the problem may turn in which way who knows.
one may have diverse friends with not much emotions ,for different view and to provide the ease in all matters and circumstances,
to be creative is the art by which one wash away boredom in life and one remains always fresh and non complaining,to grudge to complain,why?all events have finer angles which need to be understood and when the state is their to take care of much of your needs and security with no baggage of own next generation,one is left to optimize ones be creative needs sharpness and perfection of analysis,to avoid the mishap of some who after full life cant understood how to tackle a particular circumstances,one need to grasp the circumstances in few repetition and soon start enjoying the recurance   ,even if nothing could be done to improve it or avoid it,as if tsumani will come ,let come and go and let test the new defenses built by one.

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