The milestone

The milestones are put on roads to indicate the distance covered so far by travelers and the distance left to be covered ,what hurdles have been passed and what are left.we celebrate our birthday each year as more milestone covered and ponder at new beginning to celebrate achievement and embark upon further path.

it is the fact that one has covered the distance as indicated by the milestone ,the journey might have been not easy in road full of potholes yet the arrival need to be celebrated ,we need to disconnect with all tiredness of journey to celebrate the destination reached.
the milestone achieved make the past a history ,a chapter that is closed now,we reached it that matters ,not that one reached it with trouble or with ease.
the path is unending but the journey of one is limited and may have selected milestones ,these have been covered by our fellow humans ,yet i covered it is a matter of satisfaction ,as ultimately one stand for oneself,the targets usually are to be achieved are achieved by manipulating the others behavior in desired path/or to ensure desired action by others resulting gains for one.
the milestone need to be repaired as after long time the structure turns into skeletons and have values in history therefore milestone need to be repaired /the time and history make loose relevance of some milestone and create the importance of others ,the clock goes on ticking ,whether one moves or not ,the time passed complete the biological milestone devised by the nature ,as chance is to be given to next generation waiting to enter the field,the pleasure derived in consuming ,the pleasures derived in communicating and in conversing ,let the chapter has red or blue marks before perishing.
the perishing world and evolving world are two dimensions which would always be there and what has evolved will ultimately perish,a continuity a satisfaction of good drive avoiding potholes carries a great weight in term of measuring satisfaction.
one has to live in ones time ,the concept prevalent in ones time may become irrelevant in later time ,the marathon trouble may melt later on ,but one is confined to his time and history has more weight in terms of exploring art and tourism.

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