Reaction-reflected or not reflected

A man reacts to all events directed to him directly or as a spectator to the things around him,the events directed toward man ,on them,he may react expressing anger or happiness and sometime without showing any reaction but the reaction internally may be noted and the impact on internal well being and future dealings may be visible and find response in the mind.

The stimuli sent by other find response in the mind ,it depends upon the depth of mind ,maturity of mind otherwise violent reaction is noted or in other case depression is permeated deep in the bone of one.
its certainly a question why ones thought process and responses are mature whereas same is not in the case of other one,it appears that a grooming may usually help mature the internal self ,which happens depending upon the family environment,parents care,schooling,further studies,friendship etc as the man is more isolated he may be weak,less faced the real aspect of life in early age may make him dependent ,it is to say that all humans may get a chance to explore oneself,experiment oneself and develop a own view and confidence on all matters.
it is to be usually understood that when one even cant know with precision what ones views are ,what one want than why reaction is not relaxed,the reaction disturb the internal self which impacts every aspects of ones life directly or indirectly,basically it is more the feeling usually that it hurt ones ego,expectation etc that cause imaginary reactions.
the energy/feeling released from reaction engulfs our soul leaving its lasting impact,we need to be patient and to stop unduly reaction to all petty matters.
the action/zeal of action is impacted/impaired by our reaction in daily matters ,suppose a king is about to go for major offensive and he indulge in fight on petty matters with family members before leaving.
we want something we want to be revered ,we want that all our views are accepted even in relationship based on mutual understanding ,societal in nature,and it may be that one is not wrong but the driver driving vehicle with diligence can get into accident due to fault of others ,same way the waive length of other one is different plus gaps in communication are always there ,and what one views with certainties other may view it with suspicion,therefore reaction is not as per expectation ,
but due to fear or knowing that reaction may not be as per line ,we need not to stop interaction but to leave and have subdued expectations.–

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