Marketing-the brand cycle

The marketing people believes that brands like humans have personalities,values,behavior ,have ambition and relationship

People have conversation,people have fun,people have hobbies,people have passion,people have relationship,people feel pain and express it ,people go through ups and downs,people are confused,people have clarity,people make up their mind ,people go around in circles,the thing is people change all the time ,do different thing all the time and are,to put it mildly,highly unpredictable.
the brand represent a proposition,of value to the targeted customars and for the launching company it is a way of attaining reputation in market and to develop a constant flow of revenue stream,one is in business for long term and one need that his products and organisation is duly recognised by its client ,society so that a satisfaction is derived about .
the brand denotes goodwill,the brand carries a image,the image of product/brand is nutured by marketers keeping in view the customar needs.the core marketing team need good interpersonnel relationship skill so that coherent efforts could be made and right assumption presumption is drawn.
mass perception and brand have always been important predictor of pricing policy,the likability factor about the company /brand denote the success of the marketing strategies of company,its ethics followed and perceived by masses ,in the brand increasing acceptability the power of word of mouth is of importance,personnel experiences and referals have always been critical,with the growth of social media they are even more important 
rhe effective communication is one of the sure way to of retaining brand loyality,it is not about how aggressive is the promise ,it is about how one communicate it and live upto it ,it is the CONSUMER EXPERIENCE it may contain the element of reliability,convenience,relevance and responsiveness,first the product be optimised for its intended market,than the image of brand be built,and the awareness building which drivesoffering emotional value also need to emphasise the relevance of product to need of consumer and his perceived satisfaction.

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