The way one travels/drive

Much could be inferred from the way one drives on road,and the general driving culture at road could be used to analyse the particular society ,in some part of world the casualties are higher but despite occasional hue and cry nothing concrete is done the traffic reflects history ,social processes and cultural one of societies the way in which one drives,deal with other vehicles and with pedestrians are linked to historical and social condition as gender relation beliefs etc ,in some part of world the ambulance,pedestrians,elderly people,children has no concern but if a government vehicle or biggie vehicle is there than due consideration would be given by traffic police,public

The places are organised around consideration for only those one knows and the complete indifference toward others ,there is no culture of compassion that addresses stranger but culture of extreme indifference and violence,and regard given to only acquaintances and those travelling in vehicles enduring power and authority the traffic rules are flouted by all with ease hardly any regard for safety or fines the traffic in parts of world is too high the infrastructure is poor ,roads are narrow with potholes and all sort of vehicle from before start of b c to latest one,further majority of people may hardly have worth while work/urgency yet every body is in so hurry that a disabled one would not be given any weight age,it is the feudal mentality of that society that prevails there ,the culture of masculinity ,aggressive behavior which make one to give way to other ,it is seen as weakness ,all should stop for him as ability to move aside,give way and show consideration are regarded as weakness further a mentality of superiority in which humanity confined to self ,family and powerful one only,the economy where much is manipulated by tricks and corruption,the crooks gain the power and money ,how could such maharaja waits-the culture is marked by fear of queues ,the fear that queues is only method /mechanism for denying benefits that if one follows its order he might fiond benefits passed from back doors 

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