innovators are those who see what everyone see ,but think of what no one else thinks innovators are one who refuse status quo and their convert inspiration into solution and ideas into product.the innovators are breeded in a congenial environment ,a distinct culture , the primitive culture where one is hardly allowed to think beyond the one existing in such places also innovation could take place but it may be limited to small helping in day to day matters and localised not that what may change the /impact the future of humanity.ulture of dynamism,thought and work ,confidence .

innovation may also ponder toward inclusive growth ,like the rising income inequality -to counter it access equality be innovated to increase ,access to education ,health,transport,housing etc

research converts money in to knowledge ,but it is innovation that converts that knowledge into money .frugal innovation,reverse innovation ,nanovationetc these terms are being coined to let the innovation mitigate the suffering of masses,
the argument that the simplest organisation is also the smartest,but in reality the smart organisation is one that understand that certain amount of complexity is inevitable,and more important to know which complexities to keep,and the approach to tackle them be simple,Albert  Einstein once said ”Everything should be made as simple as possible ,but not simpler’the innovation is encouraged by leadership led creativity,that puts the organisation on the path of innovation,it may be half,the other half is about mitigating undesirable complexities,that resoutce-eating,efficiency-draining complexity,
the necessity leads to invention and the desire to excel results in innovation,the slight variation can do wonder,a mind that can innovate and mitigate the misery and enhance the uses is the requirement of time,the mother earth is being depleted of resources by consuming and extraction,the time is to innovate so that alternate uses are found and resources are not depleted but again strengthed,


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