Good strategy-bad strategy,inclusive strategy

The strategy is important for an organisation and any other form of association for its survival and growth,usually it is not always one side affair and unforeseen changes lies buried which can surface at their whims or combination of circumstances,and one can see from history that due to strategy how world of business ,politics and military etc has been able to weather the storm.the strategy described as the art of generalship ,the bad strategies are worse than no strategy as they creates the illusion of direction,a strategy is not what one wish would happen,but a clear and differentiated point of view that support forceful and coherent action,a plan of action describing each path to move from the current path to carefully cerebrated another point.

A strategy is not a bundle of things to be executed but rather a focused programme to achieve a few key objectives which will make decisive difference.
to create good strategies is a difficult job and no bookish way can describe perfectly to devise strategies as there are no simple tools,techniques or fill in blank questionaire to generate good strategy instead they are born from deep insight and judgement by looking at right places it is the wisdom and experience that make the difference,yet the success also depend on the ability to adapt and modify it as the situation changes,the early evaluation and corrective action are must,the execution of strategies is crucial ,lack of it can render useless a briliant strategy,the tools of anticipating,the concentration of effort the importance of logic and the competitive advantage that are perceived from the strategy.
the business to survive needs some radical decision and action at some stages as unlike other associations where ideology or other bonds ensure their survival and more maturing of their co-existence,so business need to invent their way to survival and growth ,or they must exploit some lifetime opprtunities which may arise due to change in business environment,whether it may be in technology,consumer tastes,competitive activity,pricing or lawand ride the change with quickness and skill.the functional marketing requires to translate that business direction into a product,price and other mean of distributions to enhance the value of individual brands,whereas in business market strategy need to address questions as how to grow business,choose direction of growth,and to choose the fronts on which the competitors are to be engaged -price,product features,services etc with aim to build sustained advantage over competitor and the direction of de-risking the business to due unprecedented changes at all level which one has to face at any moment,to devise the suitable strategy one need to look at the broader area not from only the view point of individual product but one should consider the whole particular industry with other trends,
the mission and purpose of strategy is to find new ways to define game ,the research methodology is adapting to changing requirements -in which it is tried to look the things from the customar viewpoints and how the acceptance of products could be enlarge the market one may not view customar as group of people buying products but as a collection of people who have a need i e complete market.

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