corruption -way of survival

in the developing world the corruption is eating away all the growth,and the older civilisation where the life is stagnant  to the values/beliefs of a particular time and where the feudalism has been the accepted norm since the development of particular society,

in certain societies the birth is everything that to a large extent decide ones future,and where the sensitiveness not at all exists toward anybody,apart from self and the ones family.
the government in developing countries has spent huge amount every year toward development but the impact is not there and yet no growth in the welfare of society is there,the money has been wasted,the corruption is a big cause and its generally believed that hardly ten paisa reaches to poor,the priorities are lopsided and no longer term vision is there.
the corruptiom impedes the development further lack of cohesion and vision result in waste with no result,the taxes collected are also very small due to evasion and the major revenue is collected by indirect taxes not from direct taxes.further the large black money generated is transferred in foreign  countries and invested in dead assests with no gains to economy.and in the places where hardly much is implemented yet plans are drawn big and just by default some gains accrue hee and there ,what a big failure it could be that even after more than six decades of independence the huge population is very poor , illiterate,dependent on agriculture,living in 18 century style.
the huge population in urban area living in slums and huts in villages at such places the life at the bottom of even a growing pyramid is nasty,brutish and ,sometime self -inflictedly short ,the population is growing at unchecked rate ,where electricity is evading huge population the cooking gass is not available to large part and the wood is medium of cooking,the sanitation the toilets are not in more than half the household and just default that the young population seen as strong point,the mastery of keeping such large young population confused,addicted is great.
the poor acquire purchasing power in unlikely ways by hustling in waste ,the life is about crap and scrap ,the poor also acquire purchasing power by partaking of the venality and corruption of those in power ,the perpetors of corruption are exclusive beneficary ,yet some street smart gays can also make fortune from it,for the poor of a country where corruption thieved a great deal of opportunities ,corruption was one of the genuine opportunities that remained .the trickle down of public fund looted is a source of income for some of the poor ,electoral politics compels the politicians to share their loot,
there is hardly any way out as the public institution are weak ,ineffective governance ,the judiciary taking huge time in disposing the decisions,the delay in justice is no justice further the delay weaken the case and loses its direction ,where the roads traffic is not manageable and the country is run on whims and the by gods intervention ,in such countries system severs the link between offer and result and the world hardly moves in favour of poors,the people at the bottom having any chance to reform the system and instead of uniting ,poor people competed ferociously with one another for gains as slender and waste energy fighting themselves and cutting each other bread therefore the gates of rich intermittently rattled ,remined unbreached the corrupt police is having the sole task of pritecting the rich and exploiting poor as these institutions are also the gateways of corruption the foundation of corruption,
what a misery that a country with billion plus yet even does not have national register and biometrics of all population further the weak government is exploited by rich country for their advantage ,such countries cant reform,cant take bold initiatives and state cant indulge in manipulating its currencies,labour law for advantage of its populace and the foreign country start running their share market and pumping their printed curruncies finding no place to dump.    

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