The pricing of services

The good and services are important ingredients of economy,they differ widely and sometimes are closely part of a packages, Services are sort of more so intangible economic activities in which no transfer or possession of ownership take place ,when services are sold ,the typical services provides intangible products like-accounting,banking,consulting,cleaning,education,insurance,treatment,transportation and other host of activities which other want to outsource from service provider to get his task bifurcated for smooth execution .
The pricing needs to evaluate cost  ,which includes labor cost,overheads etcand fixing price depends upon market condition of that particular type of service and ones value proposition ,which allows one to seek higher prices.
The predominant agricultural societies ,where large part of population resides in rural areas with low literacy and aesthetic sense limited to few festivals ,in such states demand of services remained more confined to primitive essential requirements.And with advent of technologies and fast movement of data’s ,individuals,goods,structures services have enlarged exponentially.
– a valuable assistance,help,expertise,comfort performed to satisfy requirement of consumer,organisation or other institutions could be termed as service.
-a commercial activity that gets work performed in an expert manner by an individual or team for benefit/requirement of its consumer.
With all round growth in economic activities with tech,has created requirement of out sourcing and expertise ,things had become so complicated that any individual,organisation in particular alone cant discharge all functions that one has obligation to perform while pursuing own path,that has made service sector contribution in G.D.P ahead of all other aspects of economic activity,further with generation of wealth ,new aesthetics sense and requirement to fulfill subtle impulse and higher strata of needs like self realization etc has opened door for newer and newer services. 
The pricing in repair is not for turning the nut but it is for knowing which nut to turn,a service consumer  is paying for the results as well as host of hidden factors ,the local knowledge,competence and skills have cost and require fair efforts and time to acquire ,which is usually reflected in its pricing.

Service provider should concentrate on building longer term relations,rather then benefiting from single service transaction  it is prudent to build lasting relationship through several positive transactions, the profitability of service business increases more rapidly if the customer retention is improved ,the important aspect  is also that the consumer grievances should be looked seriously and undue fault finding at customer level should not be there .
The time of delivery of service is very important because waiting by customer is important element in his dissatisfaction ,so service should tried to be provided as per the convenience of the customer and the customer should feel the comfort of putting oneself in the hands of trusted persons.the sales may suffer on account of poor product quality,ineffective distribution or competitors action from high cost promotions to unethical practices all counts.
The net effect of the complexities of service pricing leave many consumer to believe that they have been taken for ride,just such feeling be avoided and to counter this service provider should first decide and promote the value proposition and then consistently deliver  it at a price consumer are happy to pay and it call for changing the mindset or a total transformation of a service organisation from a product organisation.
The pricing of services apart from other things is influenced by brand value of service provider,quality,reliability,authenticity etcas providing of services is more dependent on skill sets ,in this field nuances plays key role in defining and determining value of services provided in niche areas.

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