Emotions at stake-choices/reward

Usually one should avoid staking emotions to the events of life but the same is not always possible,the life is limited there are certain moments in life which are going to have lasting impact on our lives and often when one cherish something by heart and the project in which one has become involved to his personnel level and there emotions are usually mixed ,hence the rewards impact ones state far beyond what it need to be therefore it need to be properly evaluated and understood what other has on stake  so while deciding something proper care is given to it 

Therefore applying more importance on knowledge to the exclusion of wisdom is not proper and it should not be like that experts are using their knowledge or skills to perform dreadful things therefore role of compassion in making choices/reward is very important.
so it is a difficult issue to decide how to distribute reward in both government and businessas the justice is much broader than a legal function and much messier than a set of rules or large principles therefore justice must resolve a conflict in a way that it leaves the the issues of justice or community whole.
see that now it is becomming a issue that the growing gap between topearners and else therefore it becomes a big job to decide that rewards are distributed in a way that there is no damage to larger community.
the issues be tackled in a way that it avoids individual and societal conflicts ,varius elements need to be weighed one may be innovative and articulate but not completely trust worthy.therefore the strategist should be one who could out think rivals and the who can estimate the damages of various options so that justice is done and the damage is controlled..
the due weightage to loyalty and brawn be given and the brain and trickery should not be allowed to prevail so easily.because one may treat as public recognition or public demonition ,due weightage be given to cleverness,hard work,strength,intelligence,loyalty and inventiveness so that one may not get angry ,and emotion are saved fully or partially 

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