Privacy matters.

The privacy is becoming  increasing elusive and complicated issue in our modern life ,the privacy could be termed as-the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people and the state of being free from public it is under attack from all quarters -social media,printing press,net and other communication means.

Yet earlier the privacy of celebrities  invaded,for which they may term as means of self promotion or else but now ordinary people are facing danger of being robed of their tranquility and facing difficulties in tackling issues due to too much publication and exploration of each by each other
Journalist,writers ,artist,poets musicians for them what lies at the heart of creativity is the need to share ,connect and be got understood by a wider public,their struggle with sanity are all part of the great cannon that struck at edifies the world of art and ideas.of course privacy is cultural notion at particular parts ,perhaps the time has come when we ought to go about our daily life with the belief that no conversation ,no act no moment is completely secure or private and is accessible to others ,perhaps that is what integrity truly means,being completely consistent in our private and public persona.
Certainly time has come for more and more information and sharing for benefiting engagement and resultant better understandings /newer ideas,yet individual will continue to have their own self ,so too have organisation etc where something is termed as personnel ,further choosing of time to divulge information etc in any particular manner ought to be remained in sole discretion of individual .
One has right to project oneself in any particular manner and style,therefore inconsistent,irrelevant information are to be stopped from flowing to avoid discomfort.
Like copy rights,patents organisation too need privacy for performing their activities ,as it is competitive world ,where advance information and linkage to such sensitive information can cause loss to organisation ,so is in case of others institutions.There has to be fine line difference between what is private and what is in public domain.,and that what is much exclusive of individuals/institutions be used as per sole discretion of them.
Where no public good is impeded by information and individuals mindset get disturb in divulging and facing irrelevant and painful individual issues and ones freedom to choose life style/belief etc should not unnecessarily be encroached.
It is sort of respect to each other that one adhere,a sense ,a limit and unnecessary chasing someone out of zone irrelevantly is not much ethical.

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