Invoking SELF.

Invoking and kindling the spark within to strengthen our receptivity and reduce our giving to distraction and temptation besides the many external trapping also present are equally powerful and intense internal disabler are all impediment in ones path,in the world there is hardly anything having much consistency and the self is usually also devoid of it.
 A large part of world believe that by invoking him with earnestly, the desired result would be there,it is passion for some,employment for some,and some by their beliefs rooted so deep cant ignore invoking him.

The mystery is that to invoke him thousand/infinite tons of edible item,flowers,other divine material used with all chanting and allied arrangement attempted by king,v i p clan,ordinary people and yet we may find many claiming fruits but when we travel on streets no such rewards are hardly seen and the balance sheet of that country indicate bankruptcy,its ironical.
We may invoke hard work,focused attention and the accountability of all action carried out in society by any agencies,, we need to take all corrective action to improve upon the self and the surrounding and going after the illusive and falling in trap of monks doing business in his name may not yield the result and aggravate the agony ,
usually one should pursue the task assigned in the natural course while allowing room for else also .conforming and comfort block conventional vision leaving oneself no escape route it require immense courage and conviction to not allow one to flow with the tide going in oblivion,
Invoking oneself may be akin to invoking him,than the path may start to open its mysteries and help to forge ahead in the path of contentment and fulfillment.
Futility of actions,until taken timely and consistently is need to be understood,flowing with surrounding is easiest and appears easy,and time puts mounds of sand and than nothing else visible,to invoke self in close moment with self to understand situation and to get grip/rid of amber of suffering by chalking out way to invoke self to take over situations/circumstances self faces.
To get relaxation is essential to deal matters perfectly with lesser wreckage ,thereby to invoke self to understand self and deter from taking self inflicting actions can go a long way in realising self. 

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