Autonomy in organisation.

The performance should never be measured in terms of number of hours given but whether the employee is able to achieve the desired result within stipulated time and budget and has met the expectation of performance ,and there is no term of too much performance the working in organisation sometime confined to small book of rules which limits the human capabilities,it need to expand the scope of human autonomy.for creating innovative organisation employee need to challenge precedent and to outside of channels to experiment ,the wisdom of precedent in today matter and relevance of same is to be looked upon afresh at each time rather then being treated as sacred.the spirit of democracy in which hardly any permission is required to start a political movementand argu theories and concept.

yes it is certain that policies and rules are important for survival but over control not desirable,and as the year passes ,rules and regulation accumulated ,layer by layer.
the flow of ideas and the trust in organisation at each other are key of innovative growth,the robust culture ,spirits are then always high and the most depressing phases of economy are passed smoothly.the investment in learning and development is necessary,and it is imperative for companies to have right mix of talent and skills ,selection of candidate is half job done,moulding the candidate inherent talent is a continous process,where the environment of organusation play vital role.

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