Addiction. To Life.

One of the significant word in human languages is addiction,it is revered ,it is apprehended and what not,the life may not be life without it and hardly anybody is able to escape it,yet excess or wrong direction of it to an individual can cause havoc to him ,society and human history.

What is usually termed as ambition of one ,many time it is pure addiction,yet there are no means to control it and divert the same to desired area,as if the path pursued by one by heart and content turned into addiction and achieving the same and sticking to it could become easier.
What is in the life ,until some of ones liking and hobby turn into addiction failing which he may become real genius but without soul and is often haunted.
The other side of it is different when the mind lose its control and action and the pleasure which are not so ,are embraced by one resulting into financial/physical and other impacts,
some say life is an addiction,yet its reality for mortal one to have certain hobbies,virtues,values that turn for him his pure addiction,the life is quite boring and the sense of non belonging,non fulfillment ,if percolates then the things become hazy,its not always in the hand of one to develop healthy addiction,or turn the activities of life into the enjoyable addiction.  

The things which one enjoy turns into his addiction ,provided same are in acceptable norm 

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