The cult.

Too many self proclaimed leaders propagating their recipe ,as the people are free,bored,lacking enthusiasm and the opportunities for the employment is low,further it is exported to other countries where the consumption is  more and has reached a limit where pushing up consumption yielding negative results ,these also tend to seek newer avenue for push,becomes easy customers of cult waiting to uproot from realities and re root in charismatic fantasies.

Its hardly relevant question about quality of goods/services i.e its theme /sermons in the cult,the more matters is the quality perceived,the satisfaction derived in being associated with it ,the charisma of its guru,the confidence of guru,the leader and his leadership qualities its like personal filmy hypnotic influence that leader could give with the help of team and the surrounding.
The concept floated must appear something too astonishing,the cult becomes their purpose and it start to offer its disciple the newness ,the new sort of flaunting.
The cult of violent speed actually ends up slowing us down ,because a slightest hiccup may stress us to the extent that one lose temper and instead of thinking of solution ,one slows his mind with more problem,therefore slow is actually faster whilst fast is actually exhausting .
The task it appears has not ended up and their were time when many immortals were flaunting on the earth to give their message with also storing it for future generation so that they may feel free in that sphere but many are not satisfied,looking for newer cult and the older one are rejuvenated with new meaning,.
The man social person,need association,build some group of like minded to discuss ,achieve newer meanings,remain in closer contact with each other to influence other and  to get influenced,the busyness of present times has also aroused need to slow down ,to form cult to derive meaning,and when one slow down one make smarter decision .the open relaxed mind avoid and reduce the scars,the aggression leads to major marks,but finding one with lasting association need immersion in that particular theme.
The diplomats,the babus are also perfecting in the task,the leaders are prone to venture any movement where their chances of maximizing SUPPORT BASE is seen,the electronic media has provided opportunities to ordinary people to spread their cult or be part of some cult,the pages,the tweet,the interaction hassle free has made the task easy.the segmentation is growing and numerous circles are expanding and when  small waves  subside then a ocean start becoming full of cults of different hues.

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