The state of no command

Everything has to be managed ,as to give it proper shape and direction and enhance and preserve its output with inputs,human has multiple means of giving establishing commands ,in subtle,indirect,suggestive way and sometime exercising brute other means.To establish authority and order . 
In the earlier era ,there were less means of communications and means of transport were limited to animal powers ,hence there was hardly any command visible distantly ,some emperor built their empire to establish some sort of visible command [rule of law].
The command is needed at individual level ,society,organisational level etc,it basically relates to presence of effective leadership under whose able directions ,things are under control.Yet large part of humanity is plagued by state of whimsical commands .
Exercising and establishing commands is a regular process ,but sometimes links are broken ,things plunge into dark hole than some sane voice emerges to get command established. 
There is no real super man and all are just mortal being ,it needs lot of luck and courage to stick on right path,and resultant gaining larger acceptability.
When things collapse e.g after great war ,than there is all around deep desire to establish command to led revival to gain newer heights ,but in normal circumstance some times things deteriorate gradually and come to such a pass/situation of lack of command,no easy revival feasible due to no motive to unite and work cohesively and rather indulge in self centered line of actions leading to chaos,further when one is confined to individual self than the things they control/influence is set to decline.
Sometimes the different established commands are not at peace with one/another ,a command here wants to enhance its command  for growth sake or else out of worldly virtues ,then it initiate all measures to destabilize others command.
The different center of powers clashes mainly due to will to establish their dominance and self centered preservation ,and not willing to share commands with others.
Man depends much on commands ,one is  to exercise over oneself and others with some control,things go on passing as the time is not static hence they will move and whichever direction they go ,some one emerge to take credit and impose ones command.

The command is required to make the no event an event,much depends upon the delivery even today much could not be pierced into the soundness of the thoughts .
The goodwill ,the euphoria that they are to lead and no alternative plus a cohesive structure attracts a lot of attention and value,the one which has command is able to encash without the balances and reverse for the one who lacks command.
The command of a particular person or particular societies are different thing,there are so many imponderable in the path of man who with rightmost approach with sensability tries to develop command,added with disabilities ,one who never loose ones sense is usually not in position to establish command over self and it may reflect on other areas of him also
The societies with huge baggage of command may lack it and a society of newer origion with survival and growth instinct to develop on the earth in the Earthy way is more at command.
The state of helplessness and chaos is usually not a beneficial one,and it is more so question of ones dominating personality,the fools are able to exercise command,because of their inherent strength and the confidence that makes most people succumbing to them.
The economies/countries ,where the effective command of government and leaders is not there,then whole structure starts wilting soon,the technology has added one or else to establish better command,but the human factor is there ,which weigh a lot.
The institution and a progressive,modern society with practical values are in better position to establish the command.
The helplessness that penetrate into the individual mind is the worst state for one ,if one is not in a position in organisation or society to exert command over others,but the command over self makes everything appears plausible and enjoyable.
the excessive command of the dictators has also done great harm to the humanity,but a state of chaos is hurtful to sensible one and advantageous for the crooks.
-The multiple commands are being exercised but it appears that no command is working.
-The state is such that which command will work is not known.
-Who’s command will work and who hold the real command is not known and every body is exercising commands.
-The state is so disturbed that new command is to be built and invented.
-The state is so fluid that sometime particular command work and instantly lose working.
-It is ride on the horse ,as one has command over horse ,its o k ,otherwise..
-Some states are so closed that no command works ,no command can enter 
-Some state of matters are so open that any command enters and has all rubbish impacts.

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