The fear is usually defined as a feeling arising out of a perceived threat,nut the reality is in most of the cases is different ,the threat/danger/insecurity is only perceived and it depends upon ones conditioning of mind that the perception is formed.
The man has come alone on earth,and despite being a social element,the individuality is never mixed in the pool of humanity,despite having everything or having nothing the evaluation and the cause of perceived satisfaction is the individual,thats why the person living in palace felt so insecure that they left palace feeling that when its not permanent then something lasting is to be searched and followed for eternal peace,the notion does not hold ground,the very basic programming of nature is that the concept of eternity is valid for nature and not valid for the individuals and the escapism is not the way out.
the fear is generally imaginary,what hell would fall ,if something may happen ,which one may not like,its not that one may be alone in that position,one also need to look downwards,further the happenings despite best of planning could not be fully avoided at all ,tha let the thing unfold in their natural way.
the cause of fear lies in the very basic creation itself ,thats the one despite being involved with lacs,connected with lacs,,the individual peace and calm is to be derived by self and that competency has not been perfectly engrained in the humans basic conditioning.
the much of the fear is not actually be fear but the lack of will to enjoy and perform,the satisfactory combination for living satisfactorily are not developed and resulting in anxiety/depression resulting in fear to the/of the unknown. 
the biggest cause is insecurity,its the state of mind that saps ones energy and creativity and remove one from real selves,and the thoughts ,plan and action include a lot of real or imagined versions.

the insecurity effects all three major aspects of life-health,career and relationship.insecurity cannot be tackled by working on it at surface level but the issues need to be addressed at its root.the causes of an individual misery lies more in the fear rooted deeply in ones mind ,down to the level of existence ,not visible overtly ,yet it cause and lead to the individual suffering and even the suffering of the whole society.,when the pain suffered by a generation is immortalized and the memories made sacrosanct and deep biases developed in the whole particular society/civilization .
indeed,in every beginning is the end,but why to fear the end ,and the feeling if emerge at start shows the lack of confidence and the tendency to averting the thing and finding excuse,

the incompetent systems of a society cause more fear in the minds,there is hardly any fairness or where much is decided by birth,sometime the equal opportunities are not available and there is no support system available in the case of mishappening then there is just cause of deep fear in the rational minds and it become a big business for some who go on suggest remedies .
early childhood experiences and lack of objectivity may make ones subconscious host to insecurities,if one lack stability or if nothing gives one a feeling of fulfilment needs a look at inner self weakness.cribbing about past and worrying about future cause worry and excessive use of logical mind trigger insecure feelings
the perception are weak,the consistency lacks,the isolation grows making one to live in pond of insecurity and fear,the fears impact the powerful one to do acts which are beyond logic giving it name of politics,watching of their interest and the world spend so much amount on building defences that making a vast pool of humanity destitute.
much of the part of life all shtouded in mystery ,to be unfolded as life goes on and this is the very root cause of charm and effort in life.
what a sad thing it could be to stand at the edge of of the ocean and never jump in and plumb the depth.,it may show the lack of confidence and trust in life because one fear that ones life may have have no better experiences to unfold.the excitement and novelty is in moving from experience to experiences.
i at the core remain the same,even the surrounding and the structure of self changes,the things which excite one are yet there and apparently no such cause to have different feeling now,the end was there ,when the things started and the end is always far distant as it may be that the end is a new opening

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