The reaction

The reaction to event or a stimuli is not same in all individual and it further vary in different circumstances and different times.there is generally a norm is prevalent in society which describe the desired reaction yet one may not intend to broke that norm but the compulsion of that moment does take the reaction to different way.

The mind is said to have intuitive and rational areas ,a particular part of brain is said to govern that,yet a incident in which two or more people are involved some are enjoying and other one may at be the tatters ,its like the nation wanting to abide all by set norms .
a event can cause deep fear and insecurity in one but may not have the same impact on another being,one can somewhat be confortable in anxieties and the saying that it is on one how he views the things does not appear to be correct.
The one is understanding the thing and also knowing by fearing nothing to achieve and it may just spoil his life ,yet one cant help and in deep trouble.sometime reaction in some are too sharp and in others slow and usual,reaction are not conforming in all and the quality of reaction /inner one/impacts the quality of life too much.
The main cause of poor reaction/suffering is the confusion about ones identity,most suffer from some sort of inferiority complex or continous feeling of inadequacy,and our efforts are to get over this tendency of inadequacy or smallness,,when one have emotinal bonding with others one tends to overlook the faults,which otherwise had not been ignored,the reaction is deep rooted in psychology-one is usually entrenched in feeling of otherness ,antagonism,and bitterness much springs from insecurity and projected imaginary enemies ,,the reactions are as per the make up of one,the development varies,one gets more friends and one is more isolated-one is comfortable in groups as can grasp the dynamics of individual and group and view it at ease ,as all are entitled for the race,the another one with more blocks of childhood,disability or else tend to react much negatively on slight matters.
The majority of reactions are spontaneous,but generally it reflects the very nature of one,realising later is good but the damage may be hard to control and impressions may form lasting one,humans are bound to react either with pleasure or dismay or else.
In groups of human in form of society,notion the reaction are institutionalized and need to be guarded one,as it may impact wellness of larger ones.
Sometimes the reaction gots translated into chain reactions and get seeds growing and with further nourishment of perceived ,real or imaginary repetition could generate a much vicious reactions,hence one need to withdraw from an incident to view it more rationally.
Further education,media,society etc also plays a role in perceiving thing of an individual,a healthy open mind with supporting environment may play role in calming reac

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