The H R sins

All are aware with the worldly sins like wrath,greed,sloth,pride,lust,envy and gluttony,same in the human resource management there are some eternal sins that are committed and causing embarrassment ,today we find that there are many H R practitioners who have no cue of the current business challenges,goals,employee need and wants ,which result in  improper alignment between organisation goal and the need of organisation.

ORANGE OF DEFIANCE-the basics and fundamental of human resource are ignored ,such practices emerge from hubris and not on sound logic and cause immense damage,as the newer one does not know the harsh realities
ORANGE OF MISTRUSTFULNESS-human resource manager need to show some trust in his staff on a more psychological levels,the absense of it has raised the level of stress in managers ,as an human resource manager one need to be able to trust his staff,so in turn they too developed a sense of loyality toward the manager and organisation.

ORANGE OF WORSHIP-this sort of practice should be avoided at all costs,most H R managers agree to everything their superior says or think because they put them on pedestal and strive to please them,and a yes boss syndrome is developed,which impinge on risk taking and quality decision making,so leaders must be approachable and good listeners
ORANGE OF GREED-usually a good performer with a potential to grow is loaded with extra work with high expectations,this greed to squeeze more work from high potential employee is a grave sin,to combat this sin the manager should provide the shinning star with a team resources and ample support rather than more work
ORANGE OF COMPROMISE-compromising when it comes to quality versus quantity is a widespread sin,many H R people end up recruiting in numbers instead of recryiting the right fit
ORANGE OF ARROGENCE-it is a sin supreme,it make manager feel overconfident and bring a sense of relief /belief that they are always right ,this lead to building conflict between employees ,thereby creating politics and groupism in the team
ORANGE OF SUBORDINATION-most people dont quit job they quit bosses the retention of talent is important,the challenge is that not enough business focus on how important is the interpersonal connection is to get the most performance and securing loyalities

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